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Passionate About Inspiring Others

Hi, I'm Georgie Armstrong, owner of K9 Brain Training and founder of Detection Dog Trials - DDT.


I started out in the search dog world in Search and Rescue with my air scent dog Dexter, he was trained to search for missing people, he is still and always will be my absolute dog in a million. When I started training my Springer Spaniel in Human Remains Detection and Water Search, I moved more into the detection world. This eventually led me to start teaching detection to pet, professional and sport handlers.

I began to learn about some of the trials available for these handlers to enter, there were hardly any at the time and all were won on the fastest time and usually held in a village hall, they also specified a certain odour you had to compete on. My experience of assessments and exercises at a wide variety of venues and continuous enquires about improving dogs indications for this to then be undone at trials because the handlers were worrying so much about the time, led me to create DDT.


DDT is a trial that you can compete in on any odour, held in a unique and interesting venue, that isn't judged on time! Some venue examples are, a football stadium, an aviation museum, a cinema and plenty more… You and your dog are scored together and individually over 10 sections. You receive feedback and are still scored in most sections even if you don’t find.


We currently have Prelim, Novice and Intermediate levels available to enter, with Advanced coming soon. DDT aren't just in the UK, you can compete internationally too. There is a championship once a year with year end achievement awards and guest judges. These trials were created to compliment your training programme and strengthen your bond as a team. You will win by working as a team and having fun!

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